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Human Engine turns 6 today!

Human Engine turns 6 today!
Human Engine turns 6 today!

Human Engine turns 6 today!


Jonathon Noble, Chief Executive: 

'Human Engine turns 6 today! Really pleased to celebrate this milestone with our ever-expanding team. We started in 2018 with just a couple of people, no clients and a kind-of-a-plan. Like all organisations, we’ve had to weather some big challenges: COVID-19, political upheavals and a turbulent economy. These issues have affected all parts of society and the economy and they pose particular challenges for a small business still starting up. I’m incredibly proud of our team for their passion, dedication and all-round brilliance, through tough times and good. We’re now a bigger and more diverse team than ever before, something we’ve worked particularly hard at over the last 12 months and which has really shown results.

We’re now better positioned than ever before for our enduring mission to help organisations and individuals to do the best work of their lives.'

We want to thank those who have supported us throughout the past SIX years. Without our clients and of course, our amazing team, associates and support team, we wouldn't be where we are today!

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