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Welcome to Human Engine, Chloe!

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Chloe has joined Human Engine

Welcome to the team, Chloe Rickard!

With over 20 years of experience in the public sector, Chloe is a highly skilled, commercially minded strategic leader who brings a wealth of knowledge and practice to Human Engine.

Chloe’s passion for helping organisations achieve sustainable social outcomes using her broad expertise and leadership of all things strategy, policy, commercial, transformation and finance is obvious in all her interactions and delivery.

Such is her natural affinity for positive social and environmental impact; her small children are following in her footsteps and have formed a ‘house council’!

Most recently, Chloe has overseen a global committee and programme to establish effective structures and integrated standards to ensure educational ambitions and commercial (profit for purpose) targets are achieved internationally.

Previously, she played a key role in leading a mayoral combined authority to develop an overarching strategy with associated robust policy, data and communications approaches, and was integral in a county council’s commercial/business development agenda for many years as well as applying a strong policy mindset and change programme know-how to issues across the organisation, wider system and communities.

Highly personable, and enjoys working in often ambiguous and complex areas, she is looking forward to working with many of our current and potential partners over the coming months.

We are delighted to have Chloe as part of Human Engine!

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