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5 Top Tips for Graduate Applications

5 Top Tips for Graduate Applications
5 Top Tips for Graduate Applications

As you embark on your post-graduate journey, navigating the world of job applications can seem overwhelming. But fret not! Whether you're considering a rewarding journey with Human Engine or setting your sights on other ventures, we're here to offer guidance. At Human Engine, we pride ourselves on recognising and nurturing talent, and we're eager to share key strategies that will help graduates shine. Continue reading to disover our 5 top tips to help you make a lasting impression!

1. Preparation

Conducting thorough research and preparation is vital for a successful job application. Whilst it is not necessary to know every detail about the company or job, it’s great to go into an application with a good idea of the type of work the company do and what to expect from the role. Good pieces of information to read up on include recent work the company has undertaken and any available material which might explain more about the role you’re applying for. Not only does being prepared and knowledgeable make a good impression, but it also makes you better placed to answer questions and feel more confident during an interview.

2. Authenticity

Whilst it is important to show off as much as possible and make an impression in your application, it’s more important all of this is truthful, and you have evidence to support any claims you make. In the growing era of technology and AI, it has never been easier to produce artificial responses and therefore companies are often placing a greater importance on authenticity. Although it may be tempting to generate answers via ChatGPT or other AI software, companies will notice, and it will not land a great impression! Here at Human Engine the 3 questions you answer when you apply to our graduate role are pivotal to your application, more so than your CV. Our values include humanity and integrity, meaning we really want to hear about your personal thoughts, experiences and motivations. Spend some time reflecting on the questions before you hit submit; we are looking for answers that are well-researched, specific, and most importantly, authentic.

3. Confidence

It’s a cliché tip that almost everyone says, but going into an interview with confidence is a huge advantage that will allow you to be yourself and hopefully stand out. Whilst it’s important to remember there is a difference between confidence and arrogance and you don’t want to cross that line, going into an interview with the belief you are good enough for the role will naturally enhance your answers. Use the other tips in this list to help build your confidence if you’re unsure where to start, for example ensuring you are well prepared and feel relaxed going into an interview with good time management. Particularly here at Human Engine, we are an open and friendly team so there is nothing to be nervous about!

4. Time Management

Managing your time is another key part of the application process. Whether you’re applying during your final year of university amongst essays and exams, or you’ve just graduated and are looking for jobs, you are bound to be busy outside of submitting applications. It is a good idea set aside time each week to spend on applications, this way every application will get the focus and attention it needs, increasing your chances of being successful. A lot of the time a rushed application is as good as no application. When it comes to interviews, make sure to be ready five minutes before to get comfortable and feel prepared, there’s nothing worse than running late for an interview!

5. Questions

If you get through to interview stage, questions shouldn’t just be a one-way process, we want to hear from you and see what you want to know about the role. The application process is just as much about us getting to know you, as it is you finding out about us, so it’s best to ask any questions you have about the role, company or industry. Coming out of a first interview, it’s good to be 100% clear on the job role and expectations, that way you can truly judge whether you think it would suit you or not. Don’t be afraid to write down questions and refer to them during an interview as asking questions is another way to make an impression, asking a good question is as good as providing a good answer!

Have you recently graduated from university or are you due to in 2024?

Human Engine is hiring! We've launched our application process for our next entry-level graduate role of Business Analyst for a September 2024 start. If you have ambitions to work in management consultancy, then this is a great opportunity to join an exciting and rapidly growing organisation. If you are an enthusiastic, driven individual and have a passion to help individuals and organisations do the best work of their lives, then we want to hear from you!

Closing date for applicatons is the 8th November 2023.

Find out more information on our website:

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