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Simon Bishop Joins Human Engine

Updated: May 31, 2023

Simon Bishop has joined Human Engine as a Principal Consultant. Simon has over 20 years of experience in the public sector; both in Councils and the NHS. His general bonhomie and audience appropriation is exceedingly well received, coupled with his rapid thought, and extensive knowledge as a subject matter expert instils trust and confidence in those whom he is working with.

Simon has a bachelor's degree in economics, a post-grad in commissioning and leadership and a master's in finance. His experience in finance, commissioning, improvement and transformation, strategic sourcing, commercial governance and programme management ensures he has a well-rounded skill set which can be applied to optimise the outcomes of the work he delivers.

Simon has worked on an extensive range of projects, ranging from social care, building schools for the future to public health, applying both waterfall and agile methodologies, lean and rapid process improvement. He has developed an extensive knowledge of procurement and commissioning, specialising in information technology and social care.

His accolades include successful project outcomes in many social care improvements, including looked after and business support redesign, implementing software solutions in social care with extensive integrations and building and applying strategic sourcing models within the NHS.

We're delighted to have Simon on board with us.

To contact Simon to discuss how he can help support your organisation, please email:

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