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Insights | July '23

Welcome to the July 2023 edition of 'Insights' from Human Engine. As we navigate this year, we continue to bring you relevant updates and insights from our world, the public sector and the wider community.


Summer, Where Art Thou?

Firstly, are you OK? We hope so. Let's start with this British favourite topic; in a twist of weather, the UK is under a blanket of rain this summer while our European and global counterparts are basking in heat waves. A stark contrast to last year's sizzling 37c! Yet, the spirit of summer is undeterred. A few of our Human Engine team have been spotted indulging in a Mr Whippy or three during their workday, proving that some rain won't dampen our summer spirits. While we all wait for a break in the clouds and some much-needed sunshine, read about what's new with us...


In This Edition:

This month's issue is particularly robust. We're delighted to kick off this month's edition with exciting news - we've welcomed Luton Borough Council as a new client - it's huge news!

Hilary Atayi, our latest consultant, has joined the ranks. We'll recap the highlights from the Local Government Association Conference 2023 and spotlight our 'Service of the Month', Project Management. We’re also seeking a Commercial, Procurement and Contracts Director to join our team. Could this be you?

Simon Bishop, who joined us six months ago, reflects on his time at Human Engine and we'll conclude with some great client feedback from Oldham Council... Which is a testament to our work's impact.

Finally, thank you for your continued engagement with 'Insights' - We've surpassed 1,250+ subscribers. Your support is invaluable to us.


New Client: Transforming Luton Borough Council

We're excited to share that we at Human Engine have embarked on an ambitious modernisation programme with Luton Borough Council. This transformation programme is focused on creating a modern and innovative Council that provides high-quality services tailored to the needs of its residents. Our joint objective is to enable the Council to realise its 2040 vision: to create a healthy, fair, and sustainable town where everyone can thrive and no one lives in poverty. This is a major contract to design and implement a new operating model across the council, including all service areas. There are substantial savings figures attached and this is a huge opportunity to improve outcomes for residents.

Our team had the pleasure of visiting colleagues in Luton this week, marking the official commencement of our programme. The day was filled with enthusiasm and it was great to meet everyone face-to-face - fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose within our team.

For those who may need to become more familiar with Luton, let us introduce you. Luton is a vibrant and growing town about 30 miles north of London. With a diverse population of approximately 216,000, it's a dynamic hub of activity. Luton Borough Council, a unitary council employing around 3,000 people, is at the heart of this bustling town. Luton's prominence is further elevated by one of the busiest airports London Luton Airport in the UK and the recent Premier League promotion of its highly publicised football club - Luton Town Football Club!

We're thrilled to be a part of Luton's journey, a town that's truly making its mark on the map.

As we embark on this journey with Luton Borough Council, we find ourselves in the early discovery phase. This is a time of exploration and learning, where we delve into the heart of the project, uncovering the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. We are excited and can't wait to share more about this transformative programme. Watch this space!


Welcome, Hilary Atayi!

Hilary has joined Human Engine as a Senior Consultant.

Hilary has a background in the humanitarian and non-governmental organisation (NGO) sector, national equality bodies, and local government. Her approachable demeanour, task management skills, and ability to lead cross-functional teams ensures effective communication and collaboration.

Equipped with an LLB in Law and a postgraduate degree in International Development, Hilary brings a unique blend of legal expertise and global perspectives to her work. Hilary is driven by a strong commitment to achieving meaningful and sustainable outcomes in all her undertakings. She has spearheaded impactful initiatives in the equality, diversity and inclusion space, contributed to sustainable menstrual hygiene solutions through a re-usable menstrual pads project in Uganda, and supported a female-led company in Burkina Faso through business management and community outreach. Her proven ability to improve business processes, enhance productivity, and elevate the customer experience showcases her dedication to achieving meaningful and lasting results.

We're delighted to have Hilary as part of Human Engine!


LGA Conference '23: We've Been Mingling!

We're still buzzing from the Local Government Association conference earlier this month (#LGAconf23). A big shout-out to those who swung by our booth in the heart of Bournemouth - great to see many familiar and new faces!

Our dynamic trio, Ben, Michael, and Jonathon, had an absolute blast mingling with the dedicated officers, councillors, and fellow local government leaders. The thought-provoking discussions were the cherry on top of an already fantastic event.

But hey, don't think we're resting on our laurels! We're already counting down the days to next year's conference. We can't wait to rendezvous with you in Harrogate!

So, mark your calendars - Harrogate, here we come for #LGAconf24! Until then, keep the spirit of collaboration alive and kicking.


Service of the Month: Project and Programme Management

Did you know only 58% of organisations say they understand the value of project management? And only 2.5% of organisations complete 100% of their projects successfully?

Human Engine has unrivalled experience supporting local government to successfully deliver programmes, maximising outcomes and impact.

Our MSP, PRINCE2 and Agile programme and project managers bring clarity to ambiguity and structure to complexity. Our pragmatic and results-focused professionals will help drive your projects to a successful conclusion. We're also experts at benefits realisation, specialising in evaluating complex success criteria and notoriously hard-to-measure outcomes.

For example, we've been supporting Barnsley MBC over the last year to deliver their Community Renewal Programme and Economic Renewal Action Plan Programme. These projects have safeguarded hundreds of businesses and jobs, created new employment opportunities, provided education and training, secured inward investment and increased volunteering activity.

Don't just take our word for it...

"Having the Human Engine PMO capacity in place is recognised as being a real strength and fundamental to progress to date in the programme's initiation, mobilisation and early delivery phases. The programme is underpinned by a strong, successful and widely supported programme management function."

Head of Economic Development, Barnsley MBC.

Want some help? Let's have an initial discussion to understand your requirements and share some of our experience. Zero obligation. Start a conversation with our Commercial Director, Michael Curnow!


We're Hiring!

Director – Commercial, Procurement and Contracts

£100k salary plus up to £20k bonus

Procurement, commercial and contracts consulting has been a big part of our business since the very start. Now we're looking for someone to take this to the next level. You'll be able to learn more about the opportunity and apply through the link below.


Simon Bishop: My first 6 months at Human Engine...

Interviewer - Ben Smith - Marketing Manager, Human Engine.

Hey Simon, thank you for letting me have my Alan Carr's Chatty Man moment - Let's kick off with an easy one; please tell me about your role at Human Engine and the clients you're currently working with.

I am a Principal Consultant , primarily specialising in commercial aspects with our clients, such as procurement and contracts; the role is varied and challenging. I have worked with three Councils and have recently completed working with arms-length bodies within the Civil Service in England and Scotland.

Simon, what has been the most surprising or unexpected thing you've learned at Human Engine? I'm curious to hear about your experience.

The most surprising thing I have learned is just how similar the issues are that our clients face; this gives us a real opportunity to bring our previous learning in what works to bespoke improvement for that client to optimise their opportunities to improve and achieve better outcomes.

Could you share a moment or project you're particularly proud of? I'd love to hear about a project where you made a significant impact!

I was exceedingly proud when one of our clients advised us that the training we delivered was better than what they were receiving from Central Government. We were told we had relate to their issues and through contextualised training delivery, outlined how they could improve. We used live examples and problem-solving techniques explaining how they could approach their current and future issues.

How would you describe the culture at Human Engine, Simon? What aspects of the culture do you appreciate the most?

Human Engine has a strong mission statement that translates into our consultancy delivery ethos, how we achieve our personal working goals, and reflects our culture as an organisation.

How was your onboarding experience and integration into the team?

Human Engine is a very welcoming organisation, and I quickly felt part of the team. The onboarding process was efficient, and I was given time to learn about the company, how we deliver, and the expectations of each assignment.

How do you see your role evolving in the next six months? Your combination of public sector experience and consultancy skills is a valuable asset!

As I evolve the fusion between my public sector experience and consultancy skills, I will further augment my deliverables with clients and offer them an unsurpassed experience with Human Engine.

Simon, is there anything you wish you had known before starting at Human Engine? Transitioning from public to private sector consulting must have been an exciting journey.

Having moved from a career in the public sector into private sector consulting, I felt I could make a difference with our clients through the knowledge I had gleaned in 20 years. However as a previous commissioner/ buyer of services in the public sector, just what it would be like to be commissioned to deliver, it has been insightful to be on the other side of the fence.

Lastly, Simon, can you share a memorable moment from your early days at Human Engine?

My most memorable moment thus far was driving into the most gorgeous sunny bay in Scotland one evening in readiness for an on-site meeting with a client and thinking I would never have had such an experience when I worked in the public sector.

Thank you so much, Simon, for sharing your experiences with us! For anyone reading this interview and considering a change, please visit our careers page and explore available opportunities. Simon's story is a testament to the exciting and rewarding experiences you can have here. Be more, Simon and join our dynamic team at Human Engine!

Visit our Careers Page Here:


What our Clients Say:

"Human Engine listened to our issues and our suggested solutions and helped project manage conceptual thoughts into reality and practice."

Thank you, Victoria Wood from Oldham Council. We strive to provide our clients with the best service, and this feedback motivates us even more!


One More Thing:

As we wrap up this edition of 'Insights', we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our readers. Your continued engagement and support make all the difference. If you haven't already, we would like to encourage you to subscribe to 'Insights' to stay updated with all the latest from Human Engine. Remember, each new edition will be published on the last working day of the month.

Next month, we'll share all the fun (and maybe a little gossip!) from our summer team day - and a few more exciting updates! You will want to take advantage of it! Stay tuned for future insights and updates on what's been happening at Human Engine.

Until next time.

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