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Commercial Edge: Renewing the case for the local investment state

We’re excited to be partnering with think tank, Localis, to undertake research that looks at the future role of commercialism in local government. The research will focus on determining how commercialism can restore place-based prosperity and how entrepreneurial local government can be a catalyst for public value creation. We will be asking three key questions:

  • How can we reframe the conversation to being one about commercialism as a lynchpin of the local state’s resilience and necessary risk management?

  • Beyond this, how can we make the positive case for an entrepreneurial local government as a crucible of public value creation – delivering services to residents and businesses that are useful, beneficial and profitable with a purpose?

  • To what extent can council commercialism restore place prosperity and mitigate the scarring effects of COVID-19 on our high streets, town centres and communities?

We love the work we do with our clients across the country and believe this research is a great opportunity to bring together thought leadership with our experience of commercialism in practice. We hope the findings of this research can add to the growing examples of best practice commercialism in the sector and support our clients with their commercial journey.

Jonathon Noble, Human Engine’s Managing Director said: ‘I’m so excited for this project and collaboration. Commercial thinking aligned to social purpose is at the very core of what our business believes in and does. We’re thrilled to be working with Localis, whose thought leadership in this space is without rival.’

We will keep you up to date with this project and its progress via our social media streams and look forward to publishing and presenting the findings in early summer.


About Localis:

Localis is an independent, leading not-for-profit think tank that was established in 2001. Their work promotes neo-localist ideas through research, events and commentary, covering a range of local and national domestic policy issues.

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