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The public sector spends £200 billion a year delivering services through its supply chains.  But the value in contracts can often be difficult to unlock. We believe that the key to this is deep knowledge of services combined with commercial expertise and market insight. That’s why Peopletoo and Human Engine have partnered to help councils to maximise the value in their supply chains and unlock cashable savings, improved quality, innovation and social value.

Our Approach

  • A ‘no stone unturned’ approach to driving savings from third party contracts

  • Front-line service experts and commercial analysts working together to find real world solutions

  • Understanding and challenging what services require and the best service delivery model

  • Insight informed by benchmarking from over 150 clients

  • Making change stick – we work with clients to ensure that benefits are not just identified but actually delivered  

  • Leaving a legacy – upskilling your staff to more confidently manage contracts and suppliers

Our Experience

  • Former public sector and commercial sector employees who understand the reality of managing modern public services

  • We’ve helped local authorities to drive £millions of savings through new procurement strategies, different delivery models, better contract management and commercial negotiations

  • We’ve developed and implemented new approaches to contract management that have had a lasting impact on how councils manage their commercial relationships

  • Founders of the public sector Commercial Academy – providing essential commercial skills for modern public services

  • Generating greater social value through third party spend

Our Services

Contracts Review

  • 12 week discovery exercise to identify savings opportunities from third party contracts

  • Full engagement with budget holders and service-based stakeholders – done with, not to

  • Recommendations supported by robust evidence and benchmarking from 150+ other clients

  • Opportunities assessed for speed, ease and realism of delivery as well as cashable impact

  • Fixed fee pricing – clear what you’ re getting, clear what it costs

  • Typical Return on Investment of 600%

Case Study

Smarter Commissioning: Better Contracting.

Working together our partners at Peopletoo.

Contract Management Improvement

Rapid assessment of the organisation’s contract management capability at a corporate and local level

Depending on existing capability:

  • Introduction of basic or enhanced contract management policy and processes·

  • Segmentation of contracts, focusing resources on areas of greatest impact

  • Foundation or enhanced contract management toolkit

  • Foundation or enhanced training for contract managers


For organisations who want to develop better contract management practice.

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