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Supplier Management

Enhanced Performance.  Straight out of the box.

“The public sector’s commercial spend on goods and services is almost £200bn – even the smallest improvements in capability can unlock massive value across the system."

– Government Commercial Organisation


For organisations with good basics in place, ready to enhance their contract management practice.

What you get:


Enhanced Contract Management Policy

An enhanced policy, with more specific requirements tailored to different types of contract. Based on nationally recognised best practice, this detailed policy not only sets out the organisation’s minimum standards but provides a comprehensive guide for contract managers.




The Intermediate Toolkit builds on existing contract management practice and provides you with the tools to take this to the next level.  Contains everything you need for improved contract performance, supported by tailored training.  Toolkit includes:


  • Best Practice self-assessment toolkit

  • Stakeholder management plan

  • Contract improvement plan

  • Contract development plan

  • Change control toolkit

  • Exit management toolkit


Best Practice



Our best practice model will help contract managers to get best value from contracts and suppliers. Tailored to different types of contract, the focus is on relevance and proportionality – helping contract managers to focus on activities that will add the most value.

As part of roll-out, we will work with the corporate procurement team to set up a process for collating best practice data and reporting via simple dashboards.




Intermediate-level training for contract managers, focusing on the requirements of the Best Practice self-assessment toolkit and the skills needed to achieve enhanced contract performance and outcomes.

Training is included for up to 40 contract managers on the following:

  • Best Practice assessment

  • Stakeholder segmentation and management

  • Managing contract improvement, change and exit

In addition, we provide training for your Internal Audit team on how to audit the outputs of the Best Practice self-assessments and complete audits in line with NAO guidelines.

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