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Establishing Lean Thinking

2nd March 2021 | 09:30-16:00 | Virtual | £395 per delegate

Online Workshop


89% of organisations globally say that commercial awareness is essential to achieving their strategic objectives. We believe that commercial awareness begins with understanding what customers value.  Lean Thinking places customer value at the heart of everything an organisation does, making it the ideal tool for developing a more customer-centric, outcomes-driven approach.


In this one-day course, you’ll learn how to define value from the customer’s point of view and use this to create a Lean mindset in your organisation.  You’ll discover how to identify and eliminate wasteful practices to create an organisation that thinks and acts based on outcomes and value.  You’ll practice designing processes that are lean, efficient and sustain value from end to end, and learn how to continuously improve these while back at the day job.



  1. Understand the principles of Lean and how these have helped organisations transform their ways of working

  2. Know how to establish a Lean mindset in your organisation

  3. Learn how to understand and create value from the customer’s perspective

  4. Discover how to identify and eliminate wasteful practices

  5. Know how to sustain value by designing and maintaining Lean processes

  6. Discover tools and techniques for continuous improvement and innovation

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1 Day Virtual Course

Upcoming Dates​  | 2nd March 2021

Time  | 09:30 - 16:30

Delegate Rate  |  £395

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