Case Study

Corporate Services Target Operating Model


For a London Borough, we helped bring the council's corporate services closer together. A single corporate services department had been formed two years earlier but there had been little focus on the Target Operating Model (TOM) and communicating what this would mean for the workforce.


Senior leadership wanted to brand the department as the ‘custodian’ of the council’s assets. This meant a new TOM had to focus on the way corporate services interacted with itself (cross-team working), internal customers (other departments) and external customers (schools, residents, businesses).


There were a number of contextual factors influencing the broad services in the department; some were rapidly expanding; others were delivered through contracts and there were recent or pending senior appointments which meant a good time to introduce new ways of working.


The Human Engine team took a two-stage approach to designing the TOM. Firstly, the team undertook a series of workshops with the senior leadership team to begin to identify key areas of focus for improvement, overarching operating principles for the department and the values to promote across the workforce.


This culminated in the four half day workshops for the wider workforce, delivering to over 500 people. The half day workshop included a series of activities for colleagues to shape the target operating model by commenting, critiquing and challenging the operating principles and values. There was also the opportunity to highlight their own ideas for areas for improvement, that have subsequently been delivered as Human Engine Improvement Drive initiatives.

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