Strategy in application blends sophisticated thinking with practical experience.  

With first-hand experience of what it’s like to lead change at a senior level, our strategy business is loaded with insight and firmly grounded in real solutions to the real challenges our clients face.


Ambition means nothing without action, so we help organisations to articulate their goals, understand their capabilities and swiftly put plans into motion.

Case Study

Corporate Services Target Operating Model

For a London Borough, we helped bring the council's corporate services closer together. A single corporate services department had been formed two years earlier but there had been little focus on the Target Operating Model (TOM) and communicating what this would mean for the workforce.

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From Outsourcing to Smart Sourcing

There's no doubt that outsourcing, as a label, has developed a bad name. The very word tends to incur a critical reaction (and watch any given episode of Question Time to witness sheer outrage at the mention of PFIs). Maybe it is time for a re-brand. Or maybe how organisations make sourcing decisions is more important than what they call them...

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