They say culture eats strategy for breakfast.  

That’s why we specialise in employee-led change, ensuring that staff aren’t just bought in to change – they inspire it.  Our signature Improvement Drive process gives your people the tools, skills and confidence they need to identify improvements, deliver and sustain them. Ambition means nothing without action, so we help organisations to articulate their goals, understand their capabilities and swiftly put plans into motion.

Improvement Drive Method

A four step methodology delivered over 12 weeks to facilitate fast and sustainable change.

  • An approach to improvement that avoids ‘change fatigue’ and supports your teams to design their own solutions to specific business problems

  • Working with teams, not doing to them, to increase employee ownership and engagement

  • Brings together data and lived experience from officers on the front-line to deliver meaningful improvements to services

Case Study

Reducing Failure Demand

Our London borough client was recording an increase in the number of customer complaints caused by failure demand throughout the services. Data collected showed that the top three reasons for complaints were:


  1. Unclear procedures

  2. Decisions not clearly explained

  3. Errors in the process


Working with the teams involved, Human Engines 12-week Improvement Drive project set out to overcome these problems. Facilitated by us, but driven by staff, solutions were designed and developed by the employees facing these issues day to day.

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